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About Julie's Prayers & Squares

Julie's Prayers & Squares

Rich and I have lived in Marion, Indiana for 37 years and raised 2 sons. We have gone from an active, busy life of parents of athletes to an empty nest. We are not grandparents yet, but that would help to fill our empty nest!

Nic, 31, recently moved to Columbia, Missouri and is a free-lance writer. He is enjoying a life-style change by living in an old farmhouse in the country with a view of the Missouri River. In years past, he traveled to Spain, France, Morocco, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and India. Nic has only been in Missouri less than one year, but he has found a niche for his writing, producing some very nice work.

Adam, 29, has just recently moved to West Hollywood, California. He is a graphic designer for House of Blues. He calls this his "dream job"! Adam wanted to make a change. It was a little risky quitting a good job and driving 2000 miles to a place where he had NO JOB! He has gone from designing healthcare brochures to now designing music posters, t-shirts and children's menus! We are proud of our sons for being independent, willing to try new things and go new places.

Rich retired after 37 years as a Recreational Therapist at the VA Hospital in Marion. His days are now filled with reading, biking, table tennis, working out, fishing, unloading the dishwasher and helping me!!! His musical knowledge of oldies is amazing and he uses this when he is a D.J. His humor enlightens many, whether he's working with veterans, or selling jewelry!

I have had a few different occupations in 35 years. For 19 years I owned a private, in-home daycare business. In addition to this, I have been involved with art design of some form for 35 years. I have done everything from drawings using the child's name, painting and wallpapering business, custom framing and now jewelry. This latest endeavor, Julie's Prayers and Squares, has captivated me. The reasons for this can be understood by reading my Mission story. While Rich will tell you he's not creative; that he can't draw stick figures, I will tell you otherwise. He has provided me with so much encouragement, suggestions for new products, and a natural talent for sales! His quick wit and humor has enlightened many customers we've met. We both share the love of antiquing and spend time together hunting for those treasures we can't live without! In my case, its vintage beads…or hankies.

Together, we pledge to build our business to please and satisfy you.


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