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Customer Comments…This is such a thoughtful gift

...I need the difficult times prayer; I'm ready for 2003 to be over

...Do you have a prayer for a broken heart?

...I received a prayer box bracelet as a gift, now I need to order 3 for others.

...These bracelets ARE a mission.

...Can you write a prayer for someone traveling or for a niece or Grandmother?

...That prayer makes me cry.

...What a unique idea!

...I am so honored to meet you and to wear your bracelet. My son is home now from Iraq so I am writing my own prayers as I need them. (Sarah Palin, Alaska)

...It's such a caring gift.

...I received a bracelet when my father died, it was such a thoughtful gift.

...I haven't been this excited over anything since, well…I can't remember!

...I want to meet her one day...Michele Bachmann, Congresswoman (MN)

...You know, I get gifts all the time I cannot use, I like this concept.

...I love the bracelet I received from my husband. The Adoption prayer was perfect. We waited for our daughter for over 4 years. I will wear this bracelet daily as a reminder to enjoy every moment with her, to allow myself to experience things through her eyes and to take joy in the simple things. (Michigan)

...I love to see God's hand working in our daily lives.

...Thank you so much for the gorgeous bracelet and your prayers-what a lovely get well gift. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Mary Engelbreit, St. Louis greeting card designer. (Missouri)

...God bless you for your commitment, courage and perseverance.

...I envy you in having such a neat way to connect with people.

...When my son was killed I received a prayer box bracelet. It gave me strength to get through a very difficult time. (Indiana)

...I feel weird writing to you because you don't know me, but I wanted you to know your mission story touched my heart greatly. (Indiana)

...I stumbled across your web site. I was very touched by your mission story and I think what you are doing with your God given talent is such a blessing. I will pray for your family, business and Wilson! (Arkansas)

...No one can appreciate the beauty of your bracelets until they see them in person. The web pictures are good, but they don't do the designs justice. (Wisconsin)

...I have 3 friends who just looked at your web site and each one wants to have a party! (Wisconsin)

...My co-workers are going crazy over your bracelets. They all want one! They want you to do a party for us. (Indiana)

...I think your work is beautiful. (Indiana)

...I purchased a Princess bracelet for my granddaughter's baptism. I had a baby shower following the baptism. The bracelet was the last gift presented. I enlarged the prayer and made a copy for each guest. All the guests said the prayer for my granddaughter to bless her before her mother put the prayer inside the box! It was very unique and everyone complimented on what a thoughtful, beautiful gift! (Chicago, IL)

...I have worn the red, white, and blue prayer bracelet you gave me every day since Collin died on March 14, 2008. It is a constant reminder of my son...(Marion, IN- a local serviceman who died fighting for our freedom)


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