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Sponsorship Program at El Sembrador

Sponsorship Program at El Sembrador

Written by Colleen Hawk,

June 2005, WGM missionary, Honduras for El Sembrador

Julie Halverson became involved in the Sponsorship Program at El Sembrador in 2001. She began sponsoring Wilson, when he pulled out his Bible and showed her the basketball card of her son that she had given him the year before when she came on a work team. Julie has built a real relationship with Wilson—she said the money she sends is not the important thing, but the time she spends with Wilson and the relationship she has built by her numerous trips to El Sembrador, have changed her life.

"I thought the $30 a month was nothing---we waste that much everyday. I have seen the parallel of students who really want the opportunity to get an education compared to US students who sometimes play around with the opportunity. My values have changed. It’s helped me to see how fortunate my own children are."

Wilson Enrique Rivera Velasquez has been at El Sembrador for 6 years. He was brought by a lady who had been a teacher at El Sembrador and knew about the ministry. There were 8 children in his extremely poor family. When he was 1 1/2 his father died. His mother remarried, but when he was 12, his stepfather was killed in an accident. Now he has another stepfather who has been good to him.

He felt lonely when he first came to El Sembrador, but he felt safe. "We have everything that we need here, except our families, but there are others who are like family to us—so we feel like we’re home. I accepted Christ as my Savior on January 17, 2001. I’ve learned so much more than my studies. I learned how to work with a machete, fertilize fields, make bread, and work in the green house.

"If I hadn’t had a sponsor I couldn’t have been here. My family is so grateful. God put us together. She treats me like her son. She writes me emails and Lori Hawk, the sponsorship coordinator, translates them for me—then I write her back."

Wilson will be graduating in November from the high school and of course Julie will be there on that special day. Please pray for Wilson, as he wants to continue his studies to become a Civil Engineer.


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