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October 16, 2006

Fall Greetings!
Can you believe we are starting to think about the holidays!  Didn't we just do that? Do you find the older you get, the faster time passes?  I sure do.
I guess I'm thinking about the holidays because I am planning an Open House for customers here in Marion the weekend before Thanksgiving. It will be at the Comfort Suites, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  The shopping hours have tripled and the space for my display has doubled!! If you are in the area, YOU ARE WELCOME!!!
I am introducing 2 new items...one decade rosaries and tea infuser beads which will dangle on the side of your teapot. One month ago I introduced the beaded ID lanyards and they sold very well! I'm still working and thinking on the greeting card line.
Here are some words for thought I want to leave you with....
What is...
     the greatest joy---giving
     the most satisfying work---helping others
     the greatest asset---faith
     the most contagious spirit---enthusiasm
     the greatest "shot in the arm"---encouragement
     the two most power-filled words--- "I can"
     the most powerful channel of communication---prayer.
I just love that!! Hope it made your day!
Fondly, Julie


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