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September 15, 2006 Finally!!

Greetings to you ALL!
My apologies for such a long time between "news" updates....time has flown by since my last entry.  We have been on the road so much that sometimes I never unpacked my suitcase....just took out the dirty clothes and put in clean ones!  My Mom came for a visit in August and we had the best time shopping, going out for lunch, and just bumming around.  Both of our boys had birthdays so that meant a quick trip to Bloomington, In. and Chicago to celebrate with them.
Today I head to Wabash, IN to do my first fall art fair.  I'm excited to have been selected and look forward to it.  Weather is forecasted to be a "perfect" weekend. Once this weekend is over, I will work on the rest of my fall schedule and will send it on as soon as it is arranged.
I have just added another new item....beaded ID lanyards for those in hospitals, schools, factories or places of employment that require a name tag.  They sell for $25.00 and come in any color combination.  Of course I will custom design for your school colors or whatever you'd like.  They are called "BEADEE ID'S"  !!!
I have lowered the price on my eyeglass chains to $20.00.
The lamp finials and ceiling fan pulls made their debut in Wisconsin this summer and sold very well.  The cell phone beads were a hit, I sold over 50 of them!! 
My next idea may be a line of greeting cards.  I have designs floating in my imagination, so I will keep you in suspense!!  At any rate, I will have my work to do to get this web site caught up to date with all my new products.  I will have to send out a mass emailing to announce this update!!! Its going to take me FOREVER!
Thanks for all your support, calls, emails and business.  It really makes my day when one of you calls to order and we can chat a bit.  I was very touched at how many customers in La Crosse, WI area came back to see me in July.  Getting ready for the holiday season has me excited and ready to go!! Now that our house remodel is completed, I can devote 100 % to serving my customers.
Keep in touch.
Fondly, Julie


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