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May 02, 2006 Mother's Day!

Good Morning Friends!

I don't know about your weather, but ours has been rainy for two days.  I have so much work to do inside that it probably is a good thing for me.  I'm itching to get out in my gardens but with rennovation inside, I can't do that!

We have settled our bedrooms after having the floors done and painting each room.  We were living in the basement for 2 weeks and I never knew a "real" bed could be so comfortable! Everything looks beautiful and fresh. 

Now we begin the next section which is living and dining room floors.  We will  move to a motel on Thursday while the stain and finish are applied. Each stage brings great anticipation of seeing the end result.

In addition to all this craziness, I have been getting orders and calls regarding gifts for Mother's Day.  Yes, it is only 12 days away! I am trying desperately to stay caught up so I don't delay shipment of any orders.  I will be forwarding my calls to the cell number when we are out of the house for a couple days.  If you need to call me, feel free....I should get the call without any problem.

My next show is in Wisconsin the end of July.  My intentions are to start working in June with my employee returning after her graduation.  We will have two full months to get ready and I am excited about using some of the beautiful beads I have acquired in the last few months.  Many of them are unusual vintage, some new pastel, funky glass beads and gorgeous crystals that came from San Antonio, Texas.

I am working on some new things....cell phone lanyards, lamp finials and ceiling fan pulls. Of course I will name them otherwise....creative to my liking and YOURS!

Thanks for visiting the site and YES..........I'm still here....looking forward to hearing from each one of you!

Fondly, Julie


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