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April 09, 2006 Crazy Days!

Hi Friends!!!!!

Where did March go?  Time has really gotten away from me in the last 6 weeks and I'll tell you why.........

First of all, Happy Palm Sunday! This is my FAVORITE time of year and it has managed to get here without me realizing it.

Working on my web site has been delayed due to my untimely decision to remodel this house.  I have been stripping wallpaper since January, ripping up carpet in February, pulling nails and baseboard off along with MORE wallpaper in March.  The actual hardwood floor will be refinished, starting in one week.  We have to move EVERYTHING out of 3 bedrooms to do this! It seemed like the time to do it all since carpet was 16 years old, some wallpaper as old as 24 years!

Another reason for doing this now was my employee, a senior in high school, plays tennis in the spring for her school.  She would need to be off until summer and I just thought, "It's now or who knows when."

My next show is the 48th Annual Art Fair on the Green in La Crosse, Wisconsin July 29 & 30. So I have some time to get ready for it. I am looking so forward to seeing all the customers I met last summer and to be in beautiful La Crosse once again.

My bracelet studio is located in our lower level so I can still work down there without too much confusion..........I think!  I am still able to get orders out in a timely manner and have been happy to have the diversion from scraping wallpaper paste, etc!! (I have taken wallpaper down in 8 rooms!)

I hope this helps you understand why I haven't added anything to the NEWS for so long and what's been going on in my life these days.  It is very exciting and I enjoy taking out the old so the new can arrive!  However.........I am ready to watch someone else work!!!

Please don't hesitate to call me with an order or a question.  Email is easy too as I check it several times a day.  Ordering online is also available. I'm sorry that I didn't do the updating to the web site BEFORE I started into this house.  Now I am up against a time limit when the painter comes, the floor tilers, the floor refinishers, the electrician, and so on. I guess I had to decide to do the house when it was the best time to fit it in between bracelet work and shows.

Thanks for your understanding and your continued interest in Prayers and Squares!

Fondly,  Julie


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