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December 20, 2005

Holiday Greetings to all of you!

It has almost been a month since I updated "The News"....my apologies. But it means that I have been very busy with bracelet sales and custom work for the holidays. That's a GOOD thing! I guess because Christmas is only 5 days away, the web sales have tapered off, but local customers are still calling every day and still shopping. I don't mind at all because the studio in the basement is all arranged and my suitcase is back on the shelf in the garage!

We expect our boys home, one on Thursday, the other on Saturday. I am looking forward to just taking it easy, maybe doing some knitting! These in-style scarves have me wanting to knit again. I have needles and yarn, so nothing is stopping me! Presents are wrapped and I have one more day of shopping at Sam's Club on Wednesday. I hope to do some baking on Thursday and Friday. I never think I'm going to be ready, but always am. I haven't fussed as much this year...like my snowman collection didn't get out again this year!

I am putting together the 2006 schedule for parties and art fairs. I'm doing some different shows in the coming year which is exciting! Let me know if you want me to do a party in your area!

My most sincere thanks for your business this year. I have met so many new women in 2005...how wonderful to have crossed your path this past year. To those of you who have visited my site, I look forward to maybe meeting you or having an order in the coming New Year!

Always know that if you have a problem with any products, I will fix or resize it for you. Please call me or write to me via email.

 A very Merry Christmas to you, Happy Holidays, and a prosperous New Year in 2006. May it be the best year for you and your families.

In great appreciation,



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