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October 22, 2005 Big News!

Good Morning to you!

We are having a rainy, cool day today which will inspire me to stay inside and make jewelry...just what I need to do! I haven't done much to put my garden to sleep for the winter and if I can't get to it in the next couple days, it may not happen. We start a schedule of travel next Thursday and will be on the road until Dec 3rd! (Weekends that is)

We are 3 weeks away from leaving for Honduras! It will be my 8th trip and my husband's 1st! Our son, Nic is going for his 2nd trip. Our youngest son, Adam, is not able to go due to accepting a new job after graduating from IU. I am disappointed but also elated that he landed this job as a graphic designer.

Exciting news about Wilson is that he has been accepted to a college and is receiving some scholarship money to help. Because this financial help greatly decreases his fees, we will be able to help him with the rest! The best part is that this college is close to where he is now and that will be a "safety net" for him to use if necessary. I don't know if he ever dreamed he would go to college, but he is thrilled to have the opportunity. I am so excited for my husband and Wilson to meet. I will take many pictures and hopefully put some on the web after the holidays when I have time to learn how again!

I have set the dates for my holiday open houses. They are as follows:

  • Nov 25th --- Madison, Wisconsin at the Comfort Suites 9-5
  • Dec 3rd --- Marion, Indiana at the Comfort Suites. 9-6 (not quite sure of hours yet)

If you are in my customer list and in the area of these two locations, I will be sending you a postcard. Of course, if you visit this web site, and know someone or can come yourself, PLEASE know that you are welcome!

After Dec 3rd, we will be home until after the holidays. Last year I was very busy the whole month of December. I will be in Eden Prairie, Minnesota this coming weekend. I will have all my jewelry with me, but do not have a party scheduled. Customers in that area can call me at my sister's home if they need to shop!

Just a reminder...get your Christmas orders in early!

Fondly, Julie


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