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August 01, 2005 *Amazing!!


We are home from the Art Fair on the Green. What a fun time! I saw many familiar faces, we were extremely busy even though it was very hot. I was lucky to have the "perfect" spot, under a tree for some shade and next to a music group that was delightful to listen to. The setting was like a picture!

I could NOT have done this without the fantastic support of friends, family and husband! Thanks to Kurt and Jeanie for driving up to Wisconsin and all you did to help me. Thanks to Katie(sister),Ryan (nephew), Kurt (brother), Karen(sister-in-law), Kappy (mother), Donna (mother-in-law), Mary and Heather (long-time great friends) for all you did to help  and encourage me with your support. I am so indebted to all of you!! Thanks also to my wonderful husband, Rich, who has a sore back from all he did to help me set up and take down. Hopefully his back isn't seriously strained.

All of these people who helped each day can share in my award of "People's Choice for Best of Show"!! I was awarded this honor on Sunday morning by the fair committee. I received a nice certificate and cash award. I am so humbled and honored!

Lastly,I want to thank all of YOU, my customers, for attending, shopping, voting, and buying from me at the Art Fair on the Green! It was so great to meet everyone, make new friends and customers. Meeting people is probably my most favorite aspect of this business! Who could ask for anything better?!!

I will be in touch again once I get things unpacked. Please don't hestitate to contact me if you need anything.

Fondly, Julie


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