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June 19, 2005 ...Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all fathers around the world...

It is GOOD to be home! I've been here 9 days and am finally feeling rested, organized and ready to think seriously about designing new styles for upcoming events. Since May 17th my priorities had a different direction, one that I didn't really have a choice over. And I can't believe my last Honduran trip is over.  It seems like a year passes so quickly and it's time to go again! Once I get home I can't believe it's over!

Our youngest son is home this weekend for Father's Day and to attend a wedding. I am reminded of past Father's Days when the boys proudly gave their Dad homemade cards....which we still have! Now we just love to have them home, even if for a day or two.  Our oldest son had to work and wasn't able to come home.  He will call later today.

Today also reminds me of my Dad who passed away in early 2000. As a young girl we always did Father's Day up with a special cookout and gifts/ cards. I miss having my Dad's support and encouragement, which he so freely gave. I know he would be so interested in my mission work, my friendship and support with Wilson and how Julie's Prayers and Squares became a reality.

A special tribute to Rich, a father and husband who has been devoted to his family for 31 years. When I returned from Honduras, he had all my messages listed.  He even called these women back to tell them when I would be home and that he would have me call them! If they needed to hear a prayer, he was prepared to take care of that for me. The help and encouragement he gives me is wonderful. He is such a great addition to this business...he adds wit and humor, and even has some excellent ideas that I haven't thought of!! Our lives are changing with retirement coming and it couldn't be more exciting!! Aren't I lucky to have him!!

I am going to be in LaCrosse, Wisconsin July 30-31 for my first juried show.  We are starting to get busy with making lots of jewelry for that. More details on that show later.

Thanks for all your notes of encouragement and for your prayers.  I think my internet changes are all in effect and the bugs are worked out. Please write to me with any questions.

Fondly, Julie


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