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March 30, 2005

Good Morning friends!

Spring weather has definitely come to Marion, Indiana. We are looking for a high today of 70's....doesn't that sound great? The leaves of my red tulips are up, so color is just around the corner!

My exciting news flash is...................On March 19th I received a thank you note from the WHITE HOUSE!!! First, the envelope was addressed in a beautiful, calligraphed script with blue ink. The note of thanks was embossed with fancy script and also had a picture of the White House at the top.  It reads:

Thank you for your kind gift and caring words of support and prayer. I am pleased that you would think of me in such a special way, and I appreciate your generosity.  

                 With warm wishes,  Laura Bush

If you didn't read my NEWS from Jan 29th, I sent a prayer box bracelet to Mrs. Bush and a personal prayer just for her. The bracelet had red and blue crystal cubes and vintage, clear, faceted crystals and some silver spacers.  Hanging on either side of the prayer box, were 3 tiny silver stars.  They represented her family; the President and their twin daughters. 

My request for you is.......look at Mrs. Bush' wrist anytime you see her on television.  If you see this bracelet, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

I also sent slides out to apply for my first juried show.  Wish me luck!!  It is in Wisconsin the end of July.  I'll keep you posted.  I should know something in the next few weeks.

My next fair is April 9th in Mooresville, In.  I'm looking forward to returning for the 2nd year.

Watch yourself on April Fool's Day!!  Happy Spring!




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