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April 07, 2007 EASTER!

Easter Greetings to all my customers and friends!
I didn't want this weekend to get away from me without wishing all of you a very happy Easter! This is my most favorite holiday of all.  I attended a very impressive Maundy Thursday service which prepared me for the coming of Easter.
I hope to get some instructions on revamping this site.  Just want to alert you if the site seems different, unavailable or a mess, please remember I am trying to update it!  I really don't know what I will be getting into or how long it will take me.  I want to make it as painless as I can! My schedule has changed a little so I have a large chunk of time to do this NOW.  So...wish me luck!
Our boys were home 2 weeks ago for a wedding and the house was rockin'!!! With 3 extra bodies all well over 6 feet, this house suddenly seemed very small. (Our oldest son brought his girlfriend who is also 6'1") Since they had just been home, our house will be quiet for Easter.
We have had beautiful weather in March until this past week.  Now is it in the 20's, we have had some snow and it feels like January.  All my tulips and daffodils are wilted and frozen.  My birthday is next week and it is usually feeling like spring....well not this year!
One of the most often visited part of my web site is the NEWS. I appreciate your interest in MY news and will try to update more often.  I do have some updates on Wilson which I will share in HIS menu soon.
Thank you for being a customer and friend, I appreciate all of you more than I can say.
Fondly, Julie


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