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October 09, 2004

It has been so long since I have done a news update……my apologies! My schedule has been busy and I have really gotten a taste of what it's like to be retired. Prayers and Squares really can be a full time job and I am just loving it!!  Thanks for visiting the site, for your messages and calls.  I love hearing from each one of you wherever you are located.

I have been designing and introducing some new products.  That's part of the reason I haven't gotten news updates done.  In addition to quite a lot of travel, parties, art fairs and programs, the new products have required some durability testing, packaging design and all that goes with the marketing aspect.

I have designed a new brochure, which only took me 10-12 hours at the computer!! But it is finished and I'm proud of the accomplishment.  Next, I need to tackle the web site and get pictures on it. It may not get done until after the holidays. I will describe the new items below……feel free to contact me if you want to order or have questions.

My new products are: 

Bead-rings (key chains) with a prayer box on the end.  I have written 3 new prayers……Safe driver, Young driver and Security.  They are all GREAT prayers! I have 2 styles, single strand of beads, is $15.00.  Double strand is $20.00.  These make wonderful gifts for that 16 yr old who just got their license.  Some are hanging these bead-rings from the rear view mirror!

Bead-bobs:  These are a decorative, beaded zipper pull to put on your purse, backpack, jacket or scissors I.D. They come in either silver or gold and are $8.00. They are not intended to be as functional for pulling but more for decoration. A charm hangs from the end and they are about 3 inches long.  Cute!!

Bead-marks:  These are bookmarks for the reader of any age. They are made with waxed linen and beads on either end.  Bright and unusual beads are used…these make a great gift for $6.00.

Beadee Eyes:  Can you guess?? Beaded eyeglass chains for $25.00.  They are 24" long and made in bright colors OR styles of your choice.

All these new products are presented in a purple, organza drawstring pouch.  A gift card is attached which makes it ready to give!!

I am working on watches and anklets...due out after the first of the year. My pledge is to make sure they are durable, constructed properly and the best that they can be. Therefore I spend time testing all these points before putting it on the market.

Thank you for your patience and I hope to not wait so long until another news update.   Hope you are having a pleasant fall.       


Fondly, Julie


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