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August 08, 2004

This summer has really gone quickly, it is August already!

We have just returned from my first party in Cleveland, Ohio...I spoke in a church following their service. It was a beautiful setting and naturally I met some wonderful ladies!

I have some new products to get pictured on the web.......bookmarks called "bead-marks" and "bead-bobs" which are similar to a zipper pull and also key chains called ___________?? These are still in the testing stage as I want to make sure they are durable.  Look for some new prayers to go into the prayer box for a safe driving teen, general safe driving and whatever else I can think of!!

I also want to remind you that if your jewelry does not hold up to normal use, I want to fix it for you.  Occasionally I have some beads come back that have NOT held up and I do not ever use them again.  This is something I can't predict with using the vintage beads.  So I have this policy because I want your jewelry to be the best!!

Sometimes the little closing piece on the prayer box loosens and won't stay shut.  This will happen if the box is opened and closed often because silver is such a soft metal.  To fix this simply squeeze this closing piece gently with a needle nose pliers.

Soon it will be time to start thinking about Christmas gifts.......what a perfect gift to give that special person in your life!

As always, I appreciate your business and interest in Prayers and Squares!

Fondly,  Julie


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