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June 20, 2004

I am back from Honduras!! I returned early Friday morning and as always, there is so much to look at, friends to talk to, unpacking...the only hitch of the whole trip was that my luggage didn't arrive until day #4!! For some strange reason and the 1st time, I put a change of underwear and a nightshirt in my carry on. It will now become a ritual when I travel! I had my toothbrush, and shampoo, etc...so I did amazingly well with only the clothes on my back. I was more concerned that I wouldn't see anything of my belongings again. Theft is very common and happens quite often in Honduras. But once my bag arrived, everything seemed to be in it. My trip was full of good, quality time with Wilson, every day! It was also full of things that happened for the first time ever, which is a prerequisite for each new trip I take. Wilson and I shared 3 meals a day for the first week, I heard him pray for those gathered to eat, I attended church with him, shared his Bible and read verses with him, played games like UNO and SPOON (cuchara in Spanish!) in the evenings with Wilson and his classmates, went shopping in the nearest town to buy him things needed, visited in the villages with him (this was an experience that touched my heart on more than one occasion), baked bread with him one afternoon (this is his daily 3 hr. job. He makes 16 loaves every day!) Since the school was on vacation all week, the bell didn't ring for curfew at 8:30.  Some nights we played games until 10:30, one night we talked until 1:30 am! Of course all these wonderful happenings made the good-bye VERY difficult.  I'm never good at it, but in Honduras, I am a complete mess.  I will write about more things later.  I am speaking in church today and must go and get ready. I had several pieces of clothing made and that is a whole different story...what a neat experience! Thanks for your interest in my travels..........Fondly, Julie


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