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March 03, 2007 I'm home!

Hi Friends!
I have been on the go since the first week of January.  Two trips to Florida and one to San Antonio later, my suitcase is now stored on the shelf in the garage!  I had fun times and found some great beads in Texas.
My sister and I visited Mom in Winter Haven, FL.  I always have fun with my 'little' sister, lots of laughs and craziness!  Our biggest laugh was over a sign for "Goat Milk Fudge"....guess you had to be there!
Next my husband and  I visited San Antonio for 5 days and we loved it!  We arrived a day or two after their extreme weather of ice, some snow and very cold temps. It was there that we watched the Indianapolis Colts win that exciting playoff game to head to the Super Bowl.  The family we stayed with made us blue and white cupcakes to celebrate the win!  Rich and I spent our time traveling to surrounding towns to look for beads and antiques.  San Antonio is a very interesting and historical place with lots to see.
Lastly, I took my mother-in-law, Donna, to Florida to visit my Mom again. Donna had never been to Florida so this was a birthday present to her!  We had the BEST time. We flew out of Indianapolis in a snow storm and into Orlando's beautiful, warm temps.  It was heaven.  My Mom was a wonderful tour guide as we went to the Grand Floridian Resort (Disney World) for lunch, toured Chalet Suzanne, Lake Wales, Lake Alfred and lunch at Lavender and Lace, and antiqued...yes I found beads!  We picked her grapefruit tree bare and that was work!  I don't know how many hundreds of grapefruit we picked.  We had a dinner party on Valentine's Day and surprised Mom with a couple guests!  The weather was beautiful most every day we were there.
As we prepared to come home, our flight was canceled due to blizzard conditions in Indiana.  So too bad, we had to stay 2 extra days!  That enabled us to play BINGO with the locals.  Let me tell you, that is an experience.  Mom's friend, Martha won $116 and she was sitting right next to me.  That was exciting!
We finally arrived home without problems of weather, only traffic due to an accident around Indy. 
I am now preparing for my next Art Fair in Portland, Indiana next Saturday.  I haven't done a show since before Thanksgiving, so I am excited. I plan to introduce 2 new items....the Bead Pen and the Bead Letter opener. They will make neat, unusual gifts with an affordable price.  After this show, I hope to begin work on the web site.  I have so much to add and it will be a challenge....one I am looking forward to.  I need to wedge that in because I am doing a Woman's Retreat in Flint, MI the middle of May.  I will write more later about that.
Take care,
Love, Julie


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