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January 01, 2007 Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,
My very best wishes for a Happy New Year in 2007! 
Thank you so much for all your orders, emails, calls and visits in 2006!  It is hard to imagine that another year has come to an end.  I am truly blessed to have found this business and all the wonderful people who support what I am doing.  Just when I am feeling overwhelmed or defeated I hear from one of you with an amazing story or compliment of my work. Somehow you seem to know that I need to hear an encouraging word! I can't count the times this has happened. Words can't convey my appreciation for each and every one of you!
Whether I sell one bracelet or a hundred, I am just content knowing that it may bring strength, peace and hope to someone who needs it.  I had the occasion to give a bracelet with Loss of Loved prayer to a couple of very special women who lost their husbands around Christmas time.  What a wonderful way to memorialize these husbands by giving a bracelet their wives can wear everyday to remind them of the fond memories.
I continue to claim that this business is MY mission to all. Aside from any amount of money I make, I love the "giving" part best of all. This has been illustrated by the families I have sent things to whom I don't even know.  It may have been someone I have read about in the newspaper, a celebrity or someone's neighbor. I have made some very special friendships as a result. In my mind, this is what its all about.
In the next week I will be flying to Florida with my sister to visit our Mom.  We always have great times and laughs when we are together. My husband and I will make take a 5 day trip to San Antonio to see the sights. In early February I will head back to Florida with my mother-in-law to allow her to see her first palm tree!
Please keep my travel schedule in mind when ordering.  I will do my best to fill orders in a timely manner.  Please email me separately if you have a date you are needing the order filled by.
Again, I pray for all of you and your families to have peace, love, health and joy in all of 2007!
Fondly, Julie


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