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July 02, 2007

Hello there!
Whew....it's been a busy 6 weeks since I last wrote to you!  We have been to Ohio and Pennsylvania for weddings....southern Indiana to a lake cottage for some excellent fishing...Northern Wisconsin two separate times to visit cabins in the woods and now I'm home and the suitcase is on the shelf!  Not for long, however.  The end of this month I head back to La Crosse, Wisconsin for my 3rd appearance at the well-established Art Fair on the Green. Last year it was so beastly hot so I'm praying for nicer weather. My Mom and sister will be there to help me which will be great fun and I'm sure, lots of laughs!  If you are close stop by and see us! 
I am in the "crunch" mode, working very hard to increase my inventory by the end of the month. I have finally added the "Ankle-Bankle"which many of you have asked me to make. I have never worn ankle bracelets but since making them I have started!  They are quite cute, made in a variety of styles, delicate beads and a small charm dangling on the side. Their introductory price will be $12.00.
I'm also looking into beaded sashes or belts made with silk or broomstick fabric.  Whether I can pull it off before the art fair I'm not sure.
Just wanted to touch base with all of you since it had been so long.  I'm hoping to have some exciting news for you very soon.  I can't say anything until I know for sure.  Keep checking the NEWS here at the site.  If I have your email in my address book, you will get a personal email from me when this news can be made public.  If I don't have your email, please send it to me and I'll add you to the address book.  Be sure to tell me your city and state so I can put you in the appropriate folder by region.  How's that for keeping you in suspense!!!
Have a very wonderful and SAFE 4th of July!!  Remember to pray for our soldiers AND our country to remain safe over the holiday.
As always, Julie


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