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August 27, 2007

Good Morning to all!
I apologize for the length of time between entries in the NEWS feature.  I know many of you check it when you visit the site. The last entry (July 2nd) seems like yesterday! I will try to bring you up-to-date with my schedule.
My "exciting news" is still in the works.  Sorry to keep you in suspense. It is taking longer than I expected.  As soon as I can announce it I will let you know.  Please keep checking the News feature!!
The Art Fair on the Green in La Crosse, WI was just great.  Weather was perfect, my new location at the fair was wonderful and it hopefully will become my "permanent spot".  Sales were very good and we saw many returning customers.  We even had many new customers which is always a goal!
Two new products were introduced.  I told you about the Ankle-Bankle (anklets).  They sold like hotcakes... the two styles were a single strand of smallish beads with a tiny dangling charm and a double strand on seed beads with a Swarovski crystal charm holding the two strands together.  THIS was the big seller!  Single strands sold for $11 and double strand for $15.
The other product that I mentioned in July was the sash-type belt with beaded fringe.  I did get 20 of them made and we sold all but 6.  This is called the "SCABELT", in other words....a scarf/belt. (accent on second syllable!)  They were a hit too! These will sell for $16 and I make them from attractive printed fabric with beaded trim on the ends.  They can either be worn as a belt with jeans or a dress/skirt OR around your neck as a scarf.  The ways to tie it are endless!  I have had more fun finding just the right fabric and matching the beaded trim to it.
Here's my fall schedule:
Sept 13-17   Trip to Lake Tahoe for wedding & bead buying (hopefully)
Oct 1-5         Eden Prairie, Minnesota...program & jewelry open houses
Nov 10         Delta Theta Tau  23rd Annual Art Fair in Portland, Indiana
Nov 16-18    Holiday Open House @ Comfort Suites in Marion, Indiana
It's going to be a busy fall and I'm sure the time will fly by!  I'm very excited to have such a variety of things to offer you for holiday gifts.  Now there is a good price range for all your gift giving!  My necklace styles have changed and I have been able to create some unusual styles which has been so much fun for me!
I hope this catches you up on Julie's Prayers and Squares!  Don't ever hesitate to write to me, I love hearing from each one of you!  Have a wonderful fall!
Fondly, Julie


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