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October 09, 2007 Very Exciting News!

Exciting News….


THIS IS IT!  I am excited to announce a complete, newly designed web site! It has been a long process with many details to be refined, organized, photographed and updated. I am very grateful to Greg Edmonds from Sitecon  who has been more than patient as he designed the site.  He listened to my suggestions, was understanding with my critique and is a technical genius!   Every picture you see is new. I did all the photography and believe me, it was a challenge.  However, with help from my brother, Kurt, (another genius... in advertising!) I finally achieved the results I was looking for. Let’s just say I learned a great deal about photography!!


On the home page there is a link called Entire Jewelry Store.  If you click on this a category page will open and there are pictures of every product available!  Then you can select which item you are interested in seeing, click on the picture and the samples will come up. CHECK OUT EVERY PICTURE! Be sure to also check out the view larger photos, they are pretty nice, if I do say so myself!  There is a new photo of Rich and I in About Us. It was taken this summer while attending a wedding in Pittsburgh.


Every product I have is now available to order on the web.  I would receive emails from people looking for key chains or ID tag lanyards.  They knew I had them but couldn’t find them on my site.  Well, search no more, NOW you can find them!! My newest gifts are called BEADED Necessities.  This category includes beaded wine stoppers, appetizer forks, canapé knives and bottle openers. Of course, I will gift wrap everything for you, free of charge. (Check out the pictures of the boxes with ribbon and the organza pouches.)


Another improvement is that ALL my prayers are printed for your convenience in selecting just the perfect one for someone. Click on Prayers, left side menu. I know this will be easier for you to order and eliminate emails asking what a prayer says. Much more efficient! And just by reading the different selections, you might remember an occasion or a friend you want to surprise with a gift!


I also have a new feature.  The Exclusive Purchase Collection of earrings and necklaces, without having to order them to be custom made. Of course you can still do that, but the jewelry that is pictured here can be purchased just as you see it! Once a piece is sold, I will replace that item with a new piece.


An update on Wilson has been added also. This can be found in the NEWS about Wilson. I know I haven’t informed you lately on what he’s doing, so this will bring you his current news.


I would welcome your comments on the new site.  If you have any suggestions, or find an error, please let me know. It’s hard to think of everything and you may see something I have completely missed. Thanks so much for visiting my site; I value your business and suggestions tremendously! I also have “thing” about errors of any kind, so you would be doing me a favor if you found one and wrote to tell me.


The address is the same.  www.juliesprayersandsquares.com


I was just in Eden Prairie, MN to do a Mission Story program.  Thank you PEO Chapter DJ for your business and enthusiasm.  I hope to see you all again sometime!  If you came to the Open Houses, thank you!  It was wonderful to meet all of you!  That’s the best part of this business. Never hesitate to call or email me for any reason.  I love to hear from you! You should be able to find my phone numbers or email address in the Contact Us menu.


Schedule for November:        

November 10-07                  Art Fair in Portland, IN

November 16,17 & 18-07    Holiday Open House in Marion,

                                                        IN at the Comfort Suites.


If you are in the area of either event, please stop by to see what new pieces I have!


Now that the site is done, I will hopefully be able to correspond with you more often. Check out the News menu often! Isn’t it amazing that the holidays are on the horizon again?  Time really flies when you’re havin’ fun!  That’s ME, I’m having so much fun thinking of new ideas and keeping you stocked with special gifts!!


I am so very pleased about the new site.  I can’t even think of words to adequately describe my feelings, like a kid in a candy store maybe! It was designed with you in mind, hopefully to make ordering a breeze.


With humble regards, Julie






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