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January 13, 2008 Urgent Prayers Needed

Dear Friends,

I have an extreme prayer request. The son of our friends here in Marion has been wounded in Afghanistan. He was driving a humvee and it hit a road side bomb. Four soldiers were in the humvee, 3 died of injuries and our friend is fighting for his life in the Burn Center in San Antonio.  His family is with him. Collin is married, 38 yrs old and has 3 young daughters.  They live in the Baltimore, Maryland area.  Please pray for his recovery and his family.  He was due to end his tour of duty on Jan. 25, but volunteered for once last mission. This tells you what kind of hero he is.  A Caring Bridge web site has been set up to offer your prayers and to read daily updates on his condition. The address is www.caringbridge.org/visit/collinjbowenOne of Collin's brothers is doing the updating and it has been a comfort to those of us who are wondering every day how he is. He is still unconscious and has already had several skin graft surgeries.

It is important that a network of prayers comes from  all over the country. I know some of you that visit my site are prayer warriors. My sincere thanks for lifting this soldier up for prayer.  I am so totally humbled by Collin and all the service men and women who are serving and fighting for our freedom.

Thank you so much for helping me pray for this young man. 

Warmest and heartfelt regards, Julie


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