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March 13, 2008 Almost Spring!

Hi Everyone!!!

It seems like forever since I wrote to say hello to all my valued customers, friends and family. I have recently had a chance to see some customers in Florida, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Thanks for taking the time to write, come and see me or just calling.  I always love to hear from any one of you, no matter where you are.  The beauty of this web site is the ease in communicating with all of you at one time.  What would we do without our computers??!!

I would like to update you on the status of our military friend, Collin Bowen.  I wrote to you in January requesting prayer for him as he had been injured in Afghanistan. He was only 14 days from returning home when his Humvee was hit by a road side bomb. He has been recovering at Brook Medical Army Center in San Antonio for 2 months.  He has become very, very critical after showing signs of improvement during the last 2 months. He is surrounded by all of his immediate family members.  He is in need of our prayers, as many as he can get.  He already has thousands praying for him. His Caring Bridge site has posted 47,000 hits and continues to grow almost 1000 hits per day.  Login if you want to read about Collin and the battle he is fighting for his life. And please remember to say a prayer for him.  www.caringbridge.org/visit/collinjbowen   Thanks so much.

Now about Prayers and Squares!!! I am preparing for the First Ever.....Spring Fling here in Marion.  It will be at the Comfort Suites on May 2,3,4-2008. Weekend Before Mother's Day. We will be displaying everything from confirmation gifts, sympathy gifts, wedding gift ideas, sister-in-law gifts, graduation gifts, sister gifts,  and many handmade beaded jewelry items. Custom jewelry designs can be ordered and designed just for you. The beaded prayer bracelets are still my # 1 seller with the silver prayer boxes on them. These heartfelt gifts are available for so many different occasions and special people in your life. My newest prayer is perfect for a guardian angel gift.  All gift items are handcrafted jewelry with vintage beads from all over the country. These vintage beads are found in antique stores and then combined with contemporary beads to produce unusual jewelry gift ideas.

I have been traveling since the New Year started.  We went to Wisconsin in a snow storm....then to Florida for beautiful weather...and back to Minnesota for very cold weather.  Now I'm in Indiana for pre-spring...50 degrees today! I noticed the tulips are confused and have started to peek through the ground.  That usually means it will again get cold and ruin the tulip blooms for the real spring. What can we do??

I will try to update again sooner than I have.  It's amazing how quickly life goes on...5 years seems like 5 months.  Do any of you feel that way like I do? 

Spring really can't be too far off.  Enjoy the anticipation!

Much love and warm wishes,



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