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April 23, 2008

Greetings to all of you....

Just a quick reminder that graduations are beginning to happen in the next couple weeks.  Also Mother's Day is only 18 days away.  My schedule is filling up quickly and I wanted to let you know that I will be out of town from May 9-13.  I hate to do this right before Mother's Day but I have a niece graduating in North Carolina and I need to be there. I'm hoping if I let you know, it will help you to get your orders in "sooner than later."  I hate to not be here for my customers. 

I am having the very first Spring 2008 Unique Boutique here in Marion at the Comfort Suites.  It will be 3 days of many new designs to choose from, new beaded accessories and spring-like displays.  I am re-vamping the entire exhibit to make it more interesting!  So now I am down to the last days of designing, preparing, planning and decision-making.  WISH ME LUCK!!!

On a sad note I need to tell you that our soldier friend, Collin Bowen did not survive his injuries.  I had asked for prayers back in January as he had been injured and burned in Afghanistan in January. Collin died on March 14 after 10 weeks of multiple surgeries, much pain and suffering.  Our community had a Heroes Welcome motorcade that was unbelievable when his body was flown back to Marion.  The memorial service here was amazing. He then was flown to Arlington National Cemetery where he was buried with full military honors.  The Governor of Maryland attended and spoke at his service there. His Caring Bridge site still remains with over 68,000 visits from persons across the country. We were involved with all these activities which is one reason the days have evaporated into April and almost May. One thing I realized from all this experience.....I have never given enough gratitude to our soldiers for their commitment to our country....fighting for our freedom, risking their lives every day. This death has had a PROFOUND affect on me.  I have spent time talking with his mother, an old friend that I hadn't seen in many years.  It's been wonderful to renew this friendship, but in the same token, sad to have the death of her oldest son be the reason.  No mother should have to bury her child.  It was traumatic for the family. They admit that the Army has been wonderful to them, very competent and caring. There is so much we don't understand if we don't personally know a soldier. 

Remember.....order soon if you plan to get a Mother's Day gift from me.....or Graduation....or Wedding....Birthday.

Take care and enjoy the wonderful spring reminders God provides for us. I love this time of year!

Warmest regards,  Julie


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