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June 15, 2008 Happy Father's Day, Dads

Good Morning!

Happy Father's Day to all men who are fathers or grandfathers; men who are like fathers to special friends; men who are mentors to less fortunate boys or girls....I have a special place in my heart for MY father who died 8 years ago from Alzheimer's. We miss him terribly and our boys lost a grandfather who loved them immensely. I still have and read often the funeral eulogy our oldest son, Nic wrote for his grandpa's service.  It was beautiful and I will cherish it forever. 

I also honor my husband today who is such a wonderful father; full of humor, kindness, love and support to his sons. I think the boys are understanding this more each year as they grow older....at least it is reflected in the messages they are sending to their Dad.

Now it's time to talk about Prayers and Squares!!! Thank you for checking out the web site...the news column tends to be the most viewed area of the site.  I get  so busy with other things I don't write as often as I should.  Wouldn't it be great if I did this EVERY day!!  I will try!

I am doing an Art Fair in Wabash (16 miles from Marion) in 2 weeks.  I have to get busy in the next 2 weeks to do some restocking of items. It is an outdoor fair, so I always am concerned about the weather.

My spring show (weekend before Mother's Day) here in Marion was a success which means I'll probably do it again next year.  I had alot of help from good friends and gained many new customers. Being at the Comfort Suites enables me to meet new people from out of town who are staying at the motel. This year I met some delightful people from Mississippi, Louisianna and Alabama.  Also met some gals from Ohio who were in town to visit a Marion friend from my church.  I may be going to Ohio to do a program for her church; I share my Mission Story about my trips to Honduras and also set up a display of jewelry for them to purchase.  I will donate 10% of their sales back to their church as a thank you for having me.

We have been on the go the first part of this month.  Two nieces graduated from high school and we were lucky enough to have their open houses the same weekend, two days apart.  We traveled to Madison, WI and Eden Prairie, MN in the course of 5 days.  I was able to see several bracelet customers at each place which is always nice.  We are now home until the end of July when we travel to La Crosse, WI for the 50th Annual Art Fair on the Green on the UW-L college campus. This will be the 4th year for me to be there and I am so looking forward to it.  I will have the help of my 83 year old Mom (!) my sister and her friend from Minnesota and a friend and husband who are traveling up to Wisconsin from Marion!  How lucky can I be!!!

Thanks for coming to the site and checking things out.  The newest product I am working on is a Beaded Picture Frame!  I sold them at the Spring Show and they were quite a hit.  I have to get them photographed and added to the site. If you are wanting to order, just email me separately or call and I can take your order over the phone. Of course, the prayer bracelet with special prayer included is still my most popular gift item!  They make such a perfect gift for almost every occasion you can think of. I really think my designs have become more unique since I began making them in 2002. I have recently found out that my favorite prayer box...the round one...is being discontinued.  I am searching for a replacement box and currently have found a pear-shaped one that is quite unusual. The price will be the same and I also need to get it photographed and on the site.

Keep in touch!!  Much love,  Julie


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