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July 15, 2008 On to the next event!

Good Morning Everyone!

As the title indicates....I am on to the next event in La Crosse, Wisconsin only 11 days away! This is my biggest juried show of the year. It's always a treat to return to my roots and participate in the Art Fair on the Green, now in it's 50th year. It should be a fun weekend, seeing old friends, my Mother and sister, Katie. I am working hard to accomplish all that I need to do to be ready. Rich and I sealed the seams on my art fair tents last night and will waterproof them tonight. (Just to be safe!)

My last show in Wabash was quite a weekend.  The crowd was thin due to rain (several times) and winds (high gusts) the whole weekend. I didn't lose my tent but the artist next to me did.  Talk about a scary thing.  Her tent flew in our direction but luckily didn't land on us, my van or my tent.  All weekend long there were crashes which were either pieces of pottery, watercolor pictures or another object. Many artists didn't return on Sunday which was understandable but disappointing.  My sales were down considerably from 2 years ago, but in comparison to other artists, I didn't do too badly.  It just proves that outdoor fairs can be greatly affected by the weather.

So, I am praying daily for decent weather in Wisconsin.  They have had quite a bit of rain up there; I'm hoping it will be time for sunshine and a nice, gentle breeze to keep things cool.

The beaded frames continue to sell well and once I get through with this next fair, I will concentrate on getting them on the web.  I have also found a neat pendant to bead which can be worn on a silver chain, suede choker or silver omega necklace.  It has a large enough bail on it to be considered a slide. They will be reasonably priced, not sure yet how much.  They will be introduced in Wisconsin for the first time!

I also have found some great glass vases to bead.  I wrapped beaded wire around the neck of the vase to create a whimsical looking adornment and they were fun to do!  Also found some funky candle holders in bright colors to bead.  That's on the agenda for this week!!

Thanks for visiting my site and reading the news feature.  It continues to be one of the highest viewed pages of the site.  Prayer box bracelets continue to sell well...always making the gift-giving experience so easy!!

I just finished doing several custom pieces made with vintage jewelry from an elderly lady who passed away in January. She was a dear lady, my oldest customer, and we shared the same birthday!!  Rebah was a cameo collector...she had maybe 100 of them in all colors and styles. Her daughter and granddaughters came over to see what I had designed for them.  I had a fun time doing it and was able to do some different styles which I found to be especially thrilling.  One of the bracelets had cameo charms all around it.  I converted cameo earrings, small pendants and a locket into charms.  These cameos were all of the same color, similar in size, but just different enough to make it interesting. It was absolutely exquisite!!  My creative juices really flowed!! My next challenge is to make a necklace to compliment a pale green cameo pendant.  What a special way to remember a loved one... to remake their jewelry into something you will wear and cherish forever. I think I will be making more pieces as Christmas approaches for great granddaughters!  So much fun!!!

Guess I need to get down to the studio and start creating!

Please let me know your comments and cares....I'm just an email away....or a phone call. I value all of you dearly...and wish I could meet each one of you!

Fondly, Julie


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