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December 07, 2008 Sarah Palin writes!!

Hi Everyone!

I just had to share something exciting that happened to me this past week.  I received a thank you note from Governor Sarah Palin!!!!!

Last September I sent a clear, crystal prayer box bracelet to her at the time her son, Track was being deployed to Iraq. I wrote a special prayer for her, including prayers for him as he served in the military. Her campaigning schedule was hectic and I didn't know if she received the bracelet before or after the election.

The note was on a 5X7 card with a gold embossed seal for the State of Alaska.  It was trimmed with a blue border on all four sides.  Sarah wrote it in black marker, on both the front and back sides.  She even addressed the envelope herself (!).  On the back of the envelope flap was the address for the Office of the Governor!

I am so honored that she has the bracelet and that she appreciated it.  Now I just would love to see it on her wrist!  If you are watching TV and happen to see her wearing it, PLEASE write my web site to let me know!!

My Holiday Open House was a complete success this year!  It is always so great to see many friends and customers who stop by to shop.  I had more new things this year than ever.... I was simply exhausted afterwards, but it was a "happy" exhaustion! That led us rght into Thanksgiving which was enjoyable too.  Our oldest son and girlfriend came to celebrate with us.  Our youngest son has moved to California and wasn't able to come home. He will be with us for Christmas and it will be exciting to have him home for several days.

It's still not too late to place orders for Christmas.....If you have questions, please just call me directly, either my cell number or home number.  I don't mind at all and would rather clear up any concerns you might have about delivery or whatever. 

As Always,   Julie


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