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May 06, 2009 Sorry it's been so long!

Greetings to all my loyal customers and friends!!

I guess when you take some time off like I did in January, February and March...one forgets her routine if only for a few months!  I apologize for taking so long to update.

Visiting my Mom in Florida in January and February has been so rewarding for me. For so many years I was tied down with my daycare business and went seven years without a visit. So making up for these seven years has been not only fun but long overdue. Not to mention how much I need a "get-a-way" in January after the holiday season.

In March, Rich and I went to California to see our youngest son, Adam. He moved to West Hollywood in August and we wanted to experience his world out there, see where he works, lives and enjoys life on the West Coast!! For those of you that I haven't had the opportunity to tell....he is one of four graphic designers for House of Blues. Their headquarters are in West Hollywood where all the designing of posters, merchandise, menus, invitations, etc...is done. Adam loves his job and who wouldn't if you were young, wanting to live where all the action is!! And I mean action...people...traffic...warm weather...and lots to do! We enjoyed all that he had planned for us. We went to the most amazing flea market where I had the chance to buy lots of crystal necklaces, sliced agate rocks ( for wire-wrapped pendants) and black jet glass beads. He also took us to the House of Blues Gospel Brunch on Sunday which was an experience like we'd never done before!

After returning to Indiana, I realized that living here was a plus in that it was low-key, generally quiet, had plenty of parking and accessibility to grocery, bank and post office!  How we look at those qualities differently the older we get! I feel that Marion, Indiana is a good crossroads to the US. We can travel any direction to a large city, enjoy what it has to offer and then return to our affordable life style, home and location to rejuvinate for the next adventure! Isn't that grand!

 My 2nd Unique Boutique just got over with this past weekend.  It was my best yet, with new items, unusual displays and a complete success.  I can brag a little because I had 2 gals helping me set up and give them the credit for thinking of new ways to make the display look so creative.  I worked very hard on being ready, which after traveling around in early 2009, I had my work cut out for me! Now I'm trying to finish orders, fill online orders and get caught up again!  It never ends.......BUT I just love it!

I will be leaving for Wisconsin on May 15th....gone a week. Actually we have a busy summer schedule with 3 more Wisconsin trips....one in later June (La Crosse), one in early July (Minocqua) and then the Art Fair on the Green (La Crosse) end of July.  I promise to list these all again as the time gets closer.

I have done the jewelry for my 1st wedding last March!  It was a neat experience and I hope to do more.  I made the bride's necklace using pearls from her mom's necklace. This added a sentimental touch to the necklace. I also made the bridesmaid's necklaces which were gifts from the bride for being in her wedding.  I hope to add this opportunity for you to order online in the near future.  I do have postcards printed advertising this idea. Of course I will still design pieces without using the ancestor beads, but if they are available, it is a special component of the whole process.

Product recall: If you purchased a Firecracker Wine Stopper that some of the beaded pieces have come apart, please contact me. (765-662-6302 or 765-661-4307) I discovered a construction flaw and have corrected it completely.  I want to fix your's if this has happened. I will pay the return postage. There weren't too many sold before I discovered this, thank goodness!  It bothers me greatly if something doesn't hold up to the quality I expect. Always let me know if this happens.

Thank you for continuing to visit my web site.  I just wish many of you....wherever you are....could see my displays in person now.  For those of you who attended a party or art fair a few years ago, you would be amazed to see all the added pieces!  It will be impossible to add everything to the web site due to it's size or difficulty in mailing. That's why you all should come to Marion for my annual Spring and Holiday Open Houses!!

Happy Mother's Day for each one of you.... I am especially grateful to my dear Mother who will be 84 in June. I have a wonderful Mother-in-Law who is special too! I am lucky enough to have a sister, Katie who I'm able to talk with often.  I have MANY wonderful friends all over this country and even in Honduras that are women I cherish and love. Mother's Day reminds me of how many women are important to me in one way or another.

Warmest Regards to all of you,  Julie


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