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May 29, 2009 Exciting News!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I have some extremely exciting news to report.  I'm sure you are surprised to be hearing from me SO soon...after all I just posted an update this month!

Sarah Palin has been spotted with a clear crystal prayer box bracelet on her right wrist.....YES it is the one I sent her!!! The story of how this was brought to my attention is amazing....I think. Here is the story:

A woman from Southern Illinois called me looking for the "Sarah Palin prayer box bracelet" because she didn't find it on my website. Apparently she saw it in a picture on Facebook on Sarah's wrist.  So she googled Sarah Palin prayer box bracelet and my website popped up. Now this was news to me as I had no idea she was wearing it. Naturally I found the photo and printed it to keep. [if you check out my IN THE NEWS menu, the article about me sending this bracelet to Gov. Palin is posted as it appeared in our local paper Dec. 20-08] This new customer was wanting to order the exact bracelet for her Mother's birthday because she is a huge Sarah Palin supporter. I did my best to reproduce it and sent it off. I had a great conversation with Shirleyn and thanked her over and over for letting me know about the picture she saw.

Of course I started calling people.  My sister, sister-in-law, Mother, Mother-in-law, husband, good friends, even took the picture to show my hairdresser! I had a PEO meeting and took the picture to share at the end of the meeting. I had a young man doing odd jobs one day and I "made" him come in and see the picture....I knew he was a fan of Palin's!!  It certainly was fun to tell....But, it doesn't end here!!!

The next day my sister, Katie called and was talking in a high-pitched, excited voice.  She said she had just gone to Walgreen's and happened to pick up the PEOPLE magazine with Bristol Palin's picture on the cover in her Red Cap and Gown. On page 62 is a picture of Sarah adjusting Bristol's sash and the crystal bracelet is on her right wrist! (WOW, she's wearing it again!) On page 63 Sarah is cutting the graduation cake in a navy t-shirt and the bracelet is still there. Now curiosity  had gotten the best of her....

Katie started looking at the official Alaska Governor's website. On this website she found a video of Palin interviewing someone and the bracelet is dangling in the air as she waved her arm.  Then Katie went to the photo section and clicked on it. MANY of them had the bracelet on her wrist. I decided to check it out for myself.  I have now printed 11 photos of Sarah Palin at different functions with my bracelet on. Thanks Katie for all your hard work!

The prayer for her bracelet was written as her son, Track was deployed to Iraq. I am humbled and extremely pleased that she is wearing the bracelet.  This is the ultimate prize for me.  I thought getting a hand-written thank you note was the ultimate prize...not any more. Seeing the bracelet on her wrist not once, but several times means so much to me.

I plan to send her a letter, making sure she knows I will repair this bracelet if anything happens to it. I know from past customers when someone is attached to it and wears it everyday, the bracelet must remain in good condition. I also want to see if I can use some of the photos in my display, but not until I check with her personally.

My husband, Rich, wants me to ask her if he can come up to Alaska and go fishing! Isn't he funny!! We have never been to Alaska and would like to visit sometime.

That is my exciting news....it has been a blur for a few days.  I haven't gotten much done and my phone has been ringing.  The Post Office clerks have been excited as they helped me get it to Alaska the safest and quickest way.

I will definitely keep you posted on any further details. I'm reminding you again of my upcoming schedule.

June 25-29  La Crosse, WI 

July 10-19  Minocqua, WI

July 23-27  La Crosse, WI    (Art Fair on the Green)

You can always reach me on my cell phone----765-661-4307.  After this we will be home for a while!!

Thanks for letting me share this bit of news with you!! Of course I am always happy to hear from you.....any time.

Blessings,   Julie 



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