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September 16, 2009 Colors in the Air!

Good Morning Friends!!!

Colors are in the air...not only on trees but in new jewelry designs for the holidays which are right around the corner!  Can that be possible?? I am getting ready to produce new and unusual designs for the Holiday Open House November 20, 21, and 22-2009.

I have had a wonderful summer which whizzed by like never before! The Art Fair on the Green in LaCrosse, Wisconsin was so much fun...seeing many old friends and adding lots of new customers to my database! My cousin came, whom I haven't seen in 9 years, to surprise me. We took pictures and had a chance to catch up. Even though the Art Fair had to deal with construction in the area, it was handled well and didn't seem to hamper any of my sales!

The big news we have to share is that my husband, Rich is retiring after 36 years of faithful employment at the VA Hospital. His last day is to be October 2!!  Then four days later we will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary...another milestone event!  So how could life get any better??!  I know from what I've heard, this retirement thing will be an adjustment to what we have been used to for 36 years. But I am thinking of all the new places we can go, new art fairs I can try, and new interests Rich can find.  If you have any good advice for us, please let me know!!

Also I can share with you that I finally had a thank you note from the White House, signed by Barack and Michelle for the bracelets I sent last December to the First Lady and her daughters.  It certainly took a very long time for it to arrive.  This is a 'Wrist Alert"...Michelle's bracelet is black and clear crystal with a round prayer box and the daughters bracelets are pearl and clear crystal.  I tend to be more excited if the bracelets are worn than I am receiving the thank you note, as with Sarah Palin.  If you see spot any bracelets, please let me know!!  The next bracelet I may send could be Paula Deen or Mary Engelbreit, two  of my favorites. What do you think??

I am still doing custom framing and I have been unusually busy with it in August.  I absolutely love working out of my home, it's so convenient and the overhead is affordable....no overhead!  I've even agreed to draw an A-Name-L for a customer.  I did these childrens' name pictures for 25 years and when I started doing jewelry I retired from drawing.  But I decided one day when the call came..."why not"!  Hope I haven't lost my touch....

It's almost 10 am and I'm still in my robe. (The beauty of working at home!!!!)  Time to get dressed and do some work.

Enjoy the fall, cool weather, sunny breezes and beautiful autumn colors.  It's my favorite time of year! I hope to hear of you or see you sometime soon! 

Fondly, Julie


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