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November 18, 2009 Exciting things!

Hi Friends!!!

I just read my last post from Sept 16th...I do sometimes forget what I previously wrote! I said 'How can life get any better'.  Well I can tell you how it has and possibly will.....

Last Monday Sarah Palin was on the Oprah Show.  You guessed it......SHE WAS WEARING MY BRACELET! It was very visible when she was introduced and came out, waving her right arm with the bracelet flinging back and forth. It was noticeable a few times during the interview but quite visible at the end when Sarah leaned in to shake Oprah's hand.  I even took a picture of this sitting right in front of the TV with no flash.  It turned out quite nice.

If you missed the interview, you can go to www.oprah.com and view some video clips that weren't used in the interview.  A couple of them show the bracelet very clearly.

Life possibly will even get better after tomorrow.  We are going to Fort Wayne to a book signing Palin is doing.  We bought our books this week and my husband is half through it....he is loving it! We are leaving home at 4:30 am to try and beat a crowd...not sure it will work. I will be a nervous wreck until I know if we will be successful in obtaining the "wrist band" which will allow us to get the book signed.  Only 1000 bands will be given out. I just want to meet her and this may be my only chance to try it.  Now this is going to cause a real snafu (sp?) in my Holiday Open House set-up, which is supposed to start at 2 pm.  Sarah is signing books from 12-3. I keep chanting to myself, "you just have to do this, you will regret it if you don't try."

I will let you know what happens............!!!!!!!!!

Preparing for this show was a challenge in itself.  I had a retirement party for Rich on Oct.10th....when I should have been making new things and getting ready. The party was great fun with many family members coming from California to Atlanta. He was so humbled and honored so it was worth sacrificing my time to prepare for the Holiday Show. 

I did manage to make some new things, knit scarves and cowls and think of different ways to display. One thing I had so much fun making was the "Retro Charm Bracelet". I used fun little do-dads I have found on old jewelry and made them into charms.  These are whimsical, colorful and very different.  I hope everyone likes them.  I now know I will be searching more for these types of creative possibilities.

 I also made something I call  "Denim Dangles." These are a clip that has initials or beads or charms hanging from it and then worn on the belt loop of your jeans.  Cute!! They will be display on a pillow made from the top of a pair of jeans!

Well, I guess I should get going to the work studio....just wanted to say hi and tell you my news! 

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you....we do have much to be thankful for.

Fondly, Julie



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