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December 05, 2009 Meeting Sarah Palin!!!!

Good Morning Friends....

Are you astonished that Christmas is only 3 weeks away???  I certainly am. While working feverishly to get all my orders out (I'm mailing them today) I realize I haven't thought about Christmas preparation at all! We don't have our tree up yet, no shopping has been done nor have I even considered what I will bake this year.  I'm in trouble, aren't I?   I keep telling myself.....'you will get it done'!  Wishful thinking???

My last post gave you the details about the visit to Fort Wayne to see Sarah Palin.  It was a thrill for me to meet her! Here's what happened.....

Left Marion at 4 am.  Arrived in Ft. Wayne a little after 5 am.  Very few cars in the parking lot of a Meijer's store on the northeast side.  (I had convinced myself there would be thousand's there this early so I wouldn't be disappointed.) We were directed towards the end of the line...BUT... only 140 were ahead of us.  It looked like I would be successful in meeting Sarah.  Our wait would last 7 hours during which I knit a scarf and started a second one! Rich read his Going Rogue book. Meijer's served us coffee and cookies while waiting! We sat in an aisle, the Christmas light and decoration aisle! Around 6:30 I was interviewed live on Channel 15 WANE television station to tell about why it was special for me to meet Palin. (after seeing the interview on the internet I decided I shouldn't pursue a career in TV!)

We were to have our books (each could have 2 signed) opened to the page she would sign. We also were told each person would be allowed about 20 seconds with her.  We left our purses and cameras on a table before entering the area she would be signing.  You know...so many things go through your head on what to say, etc... I was no exception to this!!! And then all of a sudden, I was there and knew I had to come up with something profound!  Well, I'm not sure I did.

As Sarah was signing my second book, I leaned in to tell her I was the one who made her prayer box bracelet. She looked up at me and did an "oooohhhh" and gave me a hug! (Luckily Rich was right there too, because I had to ask him if she really said all these things!) She told me she wears it all the time, even though she didn't have it on due to it hitting the table each time she signed a book. I told her I knew she wore it because I've seen it on every interview  and in many pictures. She told me she was writing new prayers and putting them in the prayer box...currently having one about the success of her book. (Her son is now home from Iraq) I then told her she had paid me the highest compliment by simply wearing the bracelet so often.  I thanked her and she looked at me saying, "It is such an honor to meet you."  My "20 seconds" was really about 40!  I went to pull a business card out of my pocket and about 6 came out and spilled all over the table!  It was like a 3-stooge movie....I felt so stupid.  Anyway, I gave them all to her saying I wanted to repair or replace her bracelet if something ever happened to it.  There was a photographer traveling with her taking pictures of each person...now we can purchase on the web if we want.  There were FOUR photos taken of us and by golly....I bought them all!  This will most likely never happen again!

So that's the story....hope you are as excited as I was.......and still am! We hurried home....me on Cloud 9! Then I had to get my Holiday Show set up and it was hard to focus.  The show was my best ever in 7 years! Simply amazing....I had many, many comments and questions about the crystal bracelet like Sarah's, had several orders and ladies wanted to know about the experience.

I have been truly blessed and how I got through it all was not a coincidence.  I was very stressed about preparations and getting it all done.  I have wonderful friends who helped do a variety of tasks from setting up, to making cookies, to working with me at the show, and probably praying for me!!!  Thank you to everyone who has supported me and genuinely been interested in what I do.

I will be taking some time off to travel some in January and February....now that Rich is retired. (Oh...after he recovers from knee surgery Dec 29th) But I won't be far from my laptop if you have an order, or comment or question.  Please write and I promise I'll answer.

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year's. Thank you for being valued customers and friends!

Most fondly,



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