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February 28, 2010 Greetings from Florida!

A big sunny hello from Florida!

This retirement lifestyle has had a workout in the past month! That's why I have been negligent in updating this feature....sorry!

Rich and I were recently in Minnesota, staying with my sister and watching our nephew play basketball for the Eden Prairie Eagles.  My sister graciously hosted a Prayers and Squares Open House which was a huge success.  I had not seen my Minnesota customers for over 2 years so it was time to get back up there.  I saw several past customers and met some new ones.  We were up there 5 days and the time went all too quickly.

One and a half days after getting home from Minnesota we left for Atlanta and eventually Florida. Atlanta is a good stopover as we both have brothers living there.  We had  a great evening with brothers, 2 nieces and a nephew. Rich's Mother was able to see a niece she had not seen in 4 years.

We are now in Winter Haven, FL with my Mother. Rich's Mother, Donna has been down here 4 years in a row and it's always a treat for her to come and spend time with Mom.  Weather has been cool with some rain, but today it is warmer and not a cloud in the sky.  Rich and I brought our bikes and will ride some of the bike trails near by. We calculated that Rich was last here in 1993.  I'm glad he's finally able to be here again.  Many friends of Mom's have wanted to meet him.

We will return to Indiana sometime the end of next week. I have several orders to fill and will be getting ready for the spring Unique Boutique, starting April 30th.  I want to start early preparing for it as I have several new ideas to produce.

Spring is just around the corner....maybe only a month away.  After this crazy winter all over the country, I am certainly looking forward to spring. Hopefully a walking routine will come back into my schedule...I do need it!  And plenty of biking will be done now that Rich has recovered from knee surgery.

Easter is just a little over a month away.  Looking forward to have our niece from Purdue visit along with a friend from Bloomington.  It has been wonderful to get away, and it will be nice to be home again too.

Best wishes and Happy Easter to all of you, my favorite customers and friends in the world!

Fondly, Julie


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