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April 18, 2010 A busy time!

Good morning friends!!

The sun is shining brightly this morning, however, it is very brisk outside. My gardens are cleared of the winter brown foliage and ready for the new spring sprouts....which are already up and ahead of schedule. This is due to a warm spring, some rain and lots of sunny days. I am just itching to get out there but have to concentrate on preparations for Unique Boutique 2010. I have plans to enlarge a corner in our backyard so I can plant more perennials and maybe some tomatoes!  We took down an apple tree thus giving us the space to do it.

I have an extremely busy month ahead of me.  Once the Unique Boutique is over, I have two speaking engagements, one on May 10th and then May 12th.  These are Mother/Daughter banquets in which I will share my Mission Story and then set up a display in which ladies can shop.  I'm looking forward to doing them as I haven't done a program for some time. Because they follow the spring show so quickly, I will be leaving everything packed. This will make it easier for being ready to set up again. I'm trying to make extra of everything so I will have enough to display.

I recently celebrated a "milestone" birthday.  40...50...no 60!  Can that really be right??? I don't feel that old, but it sounds OLD!  Rich and I had a fun day antiquing, shopping and eating!  I got flowers, was treated to a dinner with girlfriends and had a massage, not to mention many,many cards, calls and gifts.  So, I'm not feeling any older and glad it's over...just another day!  The comfort in it all is that my high school girlfriends are all in the same boat. Four of us succumbed to the old age, 2 are left to go. Hang on Chris and Barb!!!

Prayer Box Bracelet sightings are still happening with Sarah Palin. Still a thrill to see my bracelet on her wrist.  My mind is wondering about who I can send one to next.  I have a couple ideas but need to get through my busyness first. I always feel it is an opportunity for advertising in addition to touching that woman's heart with a gift she most likely doesn't have.  I'll keep you posted on this endeavor!!

I have 6 graduating seniors this year who were in my daycare and a nephew from Minnesota. I want to do something special for them which will require some time to produce their gifts.  I had some of these kids from age 3 on up.  Now THIS makes me feel 60 yrs. old!  Kara, Stephen, Jen, Elise, Alex and Ryan....you all bring back such fond memories.  I probably have a favorite story about each one of you!!! I am smiling as I write this!

Time to sign off and get to work.  As always, I appreciate my customers, friends and family with all my heart!

Unique Boutique 2010 April 30, May 1 and 2 at the Comfort Suites in Marion, IN.  10-6 Fri & Sat and 12-6 Sun.

Fondly, Julie


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