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September 12, 2010 Summer? It's gone....

Good Morning Friends!!!

Wow, I haven't written to you since April....I am most ashamed of myself!  Why does time have to past so quickly?  Unbelievable....

My spring Unique Boutique happened in early May at the Comfort Suites. It was a huge success. I met many parents in town for the IWU graduation. It's a great weekend for this spring show.  Same time next year, the weekend before Mother's Day.

Since I last wrote to you I have traveled to Minnesota for my nephew, Ryan's graduation. It was a great party, fun to spend time with relatives and celebrate the beginning of summer.

After this trip I began to prepare for the Art Fair on the Green in LaCrosse, WI which I do every year, end of July. It's always fun to see old friends from high school, and this year was no exception. Heather and Mary helped with expert knowledge of the routine if it rains or is too windy. Mom did a wonderful job feeding all of us lunch while working! She even had some friends stop by and purchase many things!  Thanks Friends!!!  My sis, Katie, friend Joyce and niece Julie came again from Minneapolis. They all would win the "Saleswoman Award"....great helpers and excellent promoters!  Last but not ever least....hubby Rich who provides the hard manual labor of putting up the tents and staking them.  I just couldn't do it without all these special people....I am so lucky!!!  Thanks also to my customers, old and new.  It's always good to see you!!!

We traveled to see our son Nic and girl, Jessica in Columbia, MO over Labor Day weekend.  They moved in early August to both go back to school.  The area is so beautiful, reminded us so much of Wisconsin.  We rode our bikes along the Missouri River on the Katy Bike Trail, which is over 200 miles long.  Believe me, we didn't ride that far, but I was quite out of shape for the 14 miles we did ride.  They have gone from living in Chicago to the country in a farmhouse. It is quite a change but so peaceful. We also celebrated Nic's 31st birthday....how can he be that old???!!!

Believe it or not, now I'm thinking "Holiday Open House"...time to get started on new things to bead....Christmas ornaments, lamps, jelly spoons, new frame styles and who knows what else!  It will be at the Comfort Suites in Marion on November 19th, 20th, 21st. It will be here in a blink of the eye! Be sure to put it on your calendar!

We have a trip planned to Saugatuck, MI in late October.  We've never been there so are excited to see it.  This is motivation for me to get an early start on the holiday stuff.

This is the latest...Rich is still loving retirement, doing lots of biking, fishing and reading...occasionally some DJ-ing. He's also volunteering 2 mornings a week at the VA, driving patients from building to building.  He's happy to see these guys and I think they're happy to see him! Table tennis in Indy has also become a fun get-a-way for him. I don't think he's bored, he seems to keep moving....that's a good thing!!

My latest bracelet recipient....Mary Engelbreit!!!  Just sent it last week so I'm not sure if she will respond. I'll be sure to let you know.....

Happy Autumn to you!!   Julie


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