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October 14, 2010 Dancing with the Stars!

Hi Friends,

I would say fall has arrived.  Love this cool weather, sunny days and beautiful colors.  Fall is my favorite season.

So I watched Dancing with the Stars last night....Sarah Palin was in the audience, clapping for her daughter and waving her left hand....with my bracelet flinging back and forth!!! Very exciting for me to see her still wearing it. I found a video and paused it while her wrist was visible, did a print screen, and now have a picture saved! Isn't technology wonderful!!

I'm working hard to try and get things ready for the Holiday Show Nov, 19th, 20th, and 21st here in Marion at the Comfort Suites. I will have several new items this year like beaded lamps, salad serving sets, beaded magnifiers, several different types of Christmas ornaments, new beaded frame styles and LOTS of handknit scarves.  I have really been knitting all year long.  Every road trip allows me to knit while Rich drives!  I have found some of the neatest yarn and have blended unusual combos of yarn for amazing results! I learned to knit in 2nd grade and have been doing it ever since........like 53 years!!!

I need to run, but wanted to do a quick update for you.  I may even have other new things, but am waiting for a confirmation on when they'll be available.  Cross your fingers!!!

Happy Halloween if I don't get back to you before the 31st!

Fondly, Julie 


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