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July 13, 2011 Two weeks & counting!

Greetings from Indiana.......

I have been extremely busy getting things organized.  New products will be added to the web SOON!  I have finally photographed, described and delivered all the info to my website creator who will add these items for me.  It was a huge job to get accomplished as 23 new beaded creations are coming!!!!!!!! I have let this go way too long, thus it was a bigger job than it had to be. So, keep checking the site.  Can't say exactly when, but I have given him the go-ahead!  I hope you are as pleased and excited as I am!!

Two weeks and counting means it's almost "ART FAIR on the GREEN" time. Two weeks from today we leave for La Crosse, WI, my hometown roots!  It's always a blast to go "home" even though we've been in Marion, IN for 37 years!  This year will prove to be especially fun because my close friends from high school will all be in town that weekend, July 30th & 31st.  Caroline is coming from Yellowstone National Park, Barb is coming from Denver, Chris from Chicago, Mary from La Crescent and Heather from LaCrosse and....Julie from Indiana!! That's me!!! We haven't all been together for maybe 10 years...girls, correct me on this if I've forgotten.

My dear sister, Katie and her daughter...my niece, Julie will also come from Minneapolis to help.  They have been so dedicated to come and help for 4 or 5 years.  And the lunch lady, MOM, who just turned 86 (!) will be in her glory having us all around.  Her little place will be a buzzin'!!!  I am the luckiest person to have such great family, good friends and a terrific husband to help me with it all.  I could not do it alone.

I'm excited to be introducing some new things this year...such as Baby Silverware Set, The Nutty Spoon, Medical Alert Beaded Bracelets, Albert's Abacus, a new pendant style, beaded push pins, and possibly a few other things. If I have the time to create them...

Over 350 postcards just went out yesterday!  So save the date and we'll be happy to see you!  Bring your friends, neighbors, family or a stranger....I might know them!!  Hope to see you in La Crosse.

What's next???  I have reserved a place in Madison, WI for a Holiday Open House....Oct 21,22,23!!  I have lots of customers in Madison area and haven't done a show there for 5 or 6 years!!  I will be sending postcards for that too.  If you are from the Madison area and would like a postcard, send me your name and address...I'll put you in the computer! It's going to be a great location, many new things and a perfect chance to start your holiday shopping for unique and reasonably priced gifts!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer....it's flyin' by!

Blessings, Julie


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